Where Truth Abides

Dead drawn Dream of light Below Confounded under heavy mist Laying, tunnel vision surrounding grove. Dream Sweep, Somehow hiding beneath; Depression or dream? Sleep or hypnotized hallucinations? I cannot tell anymore Truth confused in endless facts and tales How to know lie from love? Who am I, mere man to discern? How can I keepContinue reading “Where Truth Abides”

Poetry – Believing in the Shadow

Did You know? When you created me… Did You know? Did you know I’d fall so far? Did you know I’d fly so high? Waiting, wanting, willing… Am I prepared for this? Am I ready to wade so deep? I give it all at every step. I fall as hard as Adam Will I riseContinue reading “Poetry – Believing in the Shadow”

Why I wear a face mask – Will you join me?

As COVID-19 has become highly politicized in the United States, I find myself in the middle of a war I never wanted, dreamt, or even imagined. However, as both a Christian and as a Biologist, I find it imperative as God-given conviction and as scientific knowledge to wear a face mask around others in thisContinue reading “Why I wear a face mask – Will you join me?”

Poetry – Alone: I Will Yet Stand

Do you have the courage to stand alone? To stand up for your own convictions even when they match not a single other soul? To say that your relationship with with God is of utmost important Even when those you love would tear you from Him…? Selah What if 1 Corinthians calls for headship andContinue reading “Poetry – Alone: I Will Yet Stand”