Where Truth Abides

Dead drawn
Dream of light Below

Confounded under heavy mist
Laying, tunnel vision surrounding grove.

Dream Sweep,
Somehow hiding beneath;

Depression or dream?
Sleep or hypnotized hallucinations?

I cannot tell anymore
Truth confused in endless facts and tales
How to know lie from love?
Who am I, mere man to discern?

How can I keep listening to your banter?
Confusion wrapped neatly in confident certainty.
It is no use anymore
I am not entertained.

Your words have left me empty
They have no truth
They have no substance
They lack the very God I seek.

Goodbye my dear friend,
I suppose you never cared.
I do not regret my love for you
But I was fooled to think so much of you.

My foolishness cannot go on
I once was a child
But now I am a man.
I cannot believe in your tall tales forevermore.

Real faith requires real sacrifice
Popularity is not truth.
Common answers do not suffice.
Glorious mystery, in this Adonai, You abide.

Published by Ryan Bowser

Owner and Photographer at Bowser Creatives LLC

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