Poetry – Believing in the Shadow

Did You know?

When you created me…

Did You know?

Did you know I’d fall so far?

Did you know I’d fly so high?

Waiting, wanting, willing…

Am I prepared for this?

Am I ready to wade so deep?

I give it all at every step.

I fall as hard as Adam

Will I rise up like Job when all feels lost?

Will I believe when your plan is so hidden?

I look up and hear you calling…

Why did I just not look up?

My heart burns like fire and wind, waves and storms.

I burn for You.

I burn like the sun from the rays of my heart.

Your Heart, I cannot deny.

Within me you stir, never letting go.

Waiting to break forth in song, but you grieve with me.

Waiting, wanting, yet always faithful You are.

I believe.

Help me in my unbelief.

Though my enemy tears at my every move…

You strengthen me with every fall.

I cannot fall from Your Grace

My Lord, my God, Your Grace.

Grace by name Yeshua.

Grace by grace for freedom’s sake.

Freedom by name Yeshua.

In pain, but I stand and believe Yeshua.

Pain fades into radiant rays, the sun shines Yeshua.

I stand in the wake of the shadow…

I was blind, now I see.

I believe.

In pain, I believe.

Your servant now, I bleed.

In Power, I pray.

Make a way Lord, I pray.

Desperate pleas of a heart I bleed

Return and gain your victory.

Coming on the clouds I see…

Yeshua, my Victory!

Published by Ryan

Photographer, Writer, Editor

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