Poetry – Alone: I Will Yet Stand

Yellowstone National Park Sunset

Do you have the courage to stand alone?

To stand up for your own convictions even when they match not a single other soul?

To say that your relationship with with God is of utmost important

Even when those you love would tear you from Him…?


What if 1 Corinthians calls for headship and headcovering?

What if 1 Timothy calls for man not to be under the authority of woman?

Am I then to abandon scripture?

Am I then to abandon faith in the God I love?


What if no woman will ever love me?

What if no man will ever follow me?

What if I lose all my friends?

What if I lose my church?


Is God not more important than all of those things?

Am I to be obedient to God or to man?

Clearly God is my one and only.

Jesus is the only reason I stand.


So stand I will.

I will stand strong

Whether alone or with many

I will yet stand.

Published by Ryan Bowser

Owner and Photographer at Bowser Creatives LLC

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