Poetry – Fear and Trembling

Shaky knees and wide eyes

Black webs Creep all around me, surround me

Overwhelm me, run through me

Like parasites in my veins.

Breathe in the soot and glass fibers

My throat and lungs collapse.

Where is my hope?

Where is my safe place?

Where is my solitude?

Where is my saving grace?

Come to me quickly, my God and my King

Who else will make things new?

Who else would come to my rescue?

Who else can make the dead rise?

Won’t you also make the sinner clean?

How will you achieve such a feat?

How will you save my soul from such treachery?

I’m sorrounded by such evil…brood of vipers…

Can you make good out of what was intended for evil?

Can you save such a nation as ours?

Will I just fall with all the rest?

Am I guilty by mere association?

Could I not have been born elsewhere?

Should I have lived in some far off land?

Where is the land of milk and honey?

The year has spelt the end

The end of such great nation

We’ve denied You our King.

We’ve denied You, the Holy One.

We’ve denied what is pure and clean.

Published by Ryan Bowser

Owner and Photographer at Bowser Creatives LLC

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