Rest for the Weary

It's been a long hard road
Every day fraught with trouble.

I've been fight or flight
It's been so long,
It could be my whole life.

Always fighting fear and pain.
Troubled thoughts
Trying to drag me into the grave.

No room for self
No room for love
No room for others amongst these thoughts.

Freedom came only in glimpses
On the highest mountains
Or in the peak of success.

Normal days were far worse than doldrum.
Normal was unspeakable pain
Knife stabbing into my neck
Poison running in my veins
Shorts wrecking my every thought.

Then help came.
Not all at once,
But little by little.

One step at a time
One good decision
Backed by another good decision.

Hard conversations,
Big life changes,
But inner peace.

Love for myself,
Love for my fellow man,
Love for life itself.

A Sabbath Rest for the Weary Soul.

Published by Ryan Bowser

Owner and Photographer at Bowser Creatives LLC

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