Triumph in Pain

Bled out on the floor before you.
Life has taken it all away from me.
Lacerations scar my body, my soul.
Whipped and beaten, 
Barely keeping my head from the floor.

Cold winter blasts
Chills down to the bones
Curled up like a child
I cry out to you.

Emotional Scars
Crack through my chest
Heart exposed
They give out their lashings.

Then now I stand
Beaten, bruised, and scared
Nothing else can be done to me
What has my enemy to say now?

As a dead man walking in their sight
For the first time truly alive
Caring little for what they think
Your lashings have no effect on me now.

The beast within me roars
Giving new life through the ashes of seeming defeat
I wake up to life, not innocent or light
But raw, true, and unwavering beneath.

What power can you have over a dead man?
My flesh is already gone
Where this life resides cannot be touched
What drives me to triumph has no concept of defeat.

An offering to my God, I yet stand!
His glory overshadows the universe.
By His word alone, I rise or I fall.
An offering to my God, I yet stand!

Published by Ryan Bowser

Owner and Photographer at Bowser Creatives LLC

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