Dark Lonely Afraid

Why so lonely my child?
All the bad feelings parade around.
Where can salvation from this be found?
Or do I find a home in this frightful grave?

I just can't seem to find the way. I go from here to there still hurt and battered and afraid. There seems no salvation from this awful place. Suffering surrounds me daily, the kind nobody else can see or know. I sit alone in my haunting. Nobody else really wants to know anyway. Even if they did know, they would not accept their part. Even if they did want to know, how could I tell them?

Will there be an escape from this place?
Will I sit here in hiding much longer?
I want to dwell on beaches of gladness.
I want a place where suffering is no more.

Don't give me that reality crap.
Don't you see that I daily suffer reality?
Don't you see that I know the dregs of living?
Don't you see I know the dark side of life?

Don't throw your darkness on me any longer.
I cannot bear the weight of your practicality any longer.
Let me dream that I may live.
Let me idealize that I have a heavenly hope.

This earth has fallen into darkness and we just accept it.
My lack of acceptance is criticized as idealistic.
Maybe if we dreamed a little more there would be a real hope.
Maybe if I took a chance on my dream, I just might find it.

Published by Ryan Bowser

Owner and Photographer at Bowser Creatives LLC

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