They haunt me
Voices, They haunt me.
Speaking to me in endless night.

They remind me that I am nothing
They threaten to leave me abandoned
They tell me I will be alone
They leave me with no voice.

You remind me of my worth
You tell me I am never alone
You embolden my every word.

They tell me I am selfish
That my needs are too much
That my cares are overbearing
That to love is not enough

You...You are selfless within me
Why did I ever doubt You?
Your love goes beyond my cares
My heart cries out and You hear.

The voice of the weak is upheld.
The heart of the anxious is satisfied.
The steadfast heart won't grow weary

Because...You are Good.
Because...You uphold your promise.

Your Spirit strong within me
My voice shouts as they shoot me down
The truth cannot be held down.
I smile in the darkest of nights.

Receive thy spirit
I am Yours
In You, how can I be held down?
No...we are forevermore.

Published by Ryan Bowser

Owner and Photographer at Bowser Creatives LLC

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