Fighting to Believe

Teach me Your ways O' Lord
Show me what it is to do Your Will
Lead me in ways of righteousness
Confusion haunts the wandering mind.

How to discern what is true?
How to discern what is false?
How to know the difference between?
Which water will bring life and which will bring sickness?

Religion has no heart-felt answers, only dogma,
So I look to You and not what has been raised up by man.
Man has created such a divide for those who are seeking.
Set church doctrine leaves no room for honest believing!

Can we really at any point say that we know it all?
Can we honestly say that there is nothing left to learn?
Daily I am met with new challenges
Daily I am forced to expand from earthly to heavenly thinking.

Good doctrine leaves room for learning
But how to take comfort in the in-between...
Why are we left in such a desert of understanding?
I am left with a simple,
"Your will be done. Amen"

Published by Ryan Bowser

Owner and Photographer at Bowser Creatives LLC

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