Poetry – My True Heart Cry (w/ video)

You Breathe
 I Speak
 You make New
 You won’t let the Darkness hide
 I don’t want to lie
 But the pain is too deep inside
 Your Light makes way for this voice inside
 Speak Peace into my weary Soul
 Speak Being into this Wanderer only you Know
 This Dust is Your Dust
 This Being is Your Being
 The Old has Died
 New Day, New Life
 Breathing Deep Your Life
 Darkness no longer hides
 I sit Still in Your Loving Arms
 I found Peace in your Unrelenting Heart

 Be Yours Truly
 Be Forever Mine
 Thine Soul
 My True Heart Cry.
Video: Poetry Read Aloud – My True Heart Cry


Published by Ryan Bowser

Owner and Photographer at Bowser Creatives LLC

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