Poetry – Knowing His Voice

“…His sheep follow Him because they know His voice.” ~ John 10: 4 ~

 I hear you in the quiet;
 Like the sun bursting forth at dawn
 You blanket the earth with Your radiant glory Lord.

 Strange beasts flank me on all sides,
 Their whispers to surrender are like clanging symbols to my ears;
 Your voice Lord whispers quietly and peacefully even as I am surrounded.

 We burst forth and song,
 The enemy has me in the valley,
 They have trapped themselves in a House unto the Lord.

 The Lord is my refuge and strength;
 His angel armies appear and surround the beasts who now flee;
 My blessed Redeemer has saved me, Yeshua, Jesus is Your name.

 I hear His voice; we hear His voice; 
 Only Him do we follow;
 All the days of ours lives,
  Forever and ever. Amen

Published by Ryan Bowser

Owner and Photographer at Bowser Creatives LLC

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