Poem – Great Love of Mine

Don’t you know?
Can you not perceive?
Are you so unwise?
Do you lack such insight?
Do you not look into my eyes to see?
Do you open your ears to hear?
My Great Love for you!
My Great Love for you!

My Lord, Adonai
I have refused to hear
I have refused to see
You were there in my darkness
You were there when I fell
You were there when I was prideful
You stood by me in my ignorance
You were steadfast when I turned from You
Your Great Love has won me over
Your Great Love, I’m Yours Forever.

My son, why were you so blind not to see?
Why did you turn your ear from me?
I was there for you all along.
I was ready to care for you in ways you could not.
I was ready to give the strength where you were weak.
I was ready to stand up against your enemies for my name sake!
I am here for you always!
Do not turn from me again my son.
I have received and forgiven you, now turn back to me.
I am here, receive me, believe in me.

I do, Abba, I do, I turn to you.
I turn to you only, in the name of Yeshua.
You lead me to quiet waters
You restore me soul!
Though my flesh may fail
Your Spirit soars beyond these mountains
Your Spirit rests me in the quietness of the clouds
I look down on the nations
I see clearly from the heavens as you do.
What is man that we would turn from you?
What is man that we would deny you?
Sons and Daughters turn to Him now
He is faithful! He is faithful!
Turn to the Almighty, He is faithful!

Rest in me you weary soul
You will find your rest in me.
No longer will you stumble
No longer will you fall.
Yeshua will be their stumbling block
Yeshua will be their Guiding Light.
Worship Him, adore Him, He is to be praise above all!
Your Messiah awaits you my son
Stand firm in Him, not to the right or the left
His Spirit will guide you into all truth.
Tongues of Fire, Water to Purify, Words to Divide.
Baptize with the Holy Spirit
Full of faith and might
Not to the right or to the left
Do not leave my sight.

Yes Lord, we will obey thee.
None other will we obey.
This body is yours, this mind, this spirit
We are here to obey Your every command.
Where will we go but here?
We have no other God but You.
We’ve laid down our life
Now all we are is Yours.
Yeshua be our guide.
Yeshua be our might.
Yeshua Messiah, we cannot deny.

Published by Ryan Bowser

Owner and Photographer at Bowser Creatives LLC

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