Glimpse of Light in the Dark of Night

May Snow in Bozeman Montana
Can I hold on tight?
Fear pursuing,
Dead of Night,
Lies prey on my mind.

Can I trust something so distant?
Will I fall into the lies of fear?
Or will I hold onto the hope of truth?
My God, be my faith before light.

Why Oh why in the darkness do I hide?
There is no hope to be had,
But only the safety of a dreary cold night.
Will I run to the light?

Will I hold onto hope?
Reckless abandonment to the God I know...
Walk on Water above the mountains
Drinking Gold in Empires where Goodness Overflows.

It seems all too unreal,
But what choice do I have but hold onto hope.
If there is a hope I will fight for it.
If there is none; at least I have fought to obtain it.

Adonai, be by my side.
Will you come to me now in my darkest night?
Will you comfort me while I risk my life?
Will you turn my darkness into the brightest of Light?

Published by Ryan Bowser

Owner and Photographer at Bowser Creatives LLC

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