Poetry – Your Beauty in Me

 I write to you now as never before,
 How I long to see your glowing face.
 My heart would skip beneath my chest
 I’d be overwhelmed with Love.

 Why you hide I do not know,
 Longing to have you as once before.
 Will you forgive me for the pain I’ve caused?
 A fool I was to have cut the one I love.

 I’d say hardly a day passes
 Not one that I don’t think of you.
 But even more true to say
 All my thoughts now clearly see you.

 If you hear me in my distant cry;
 I wait in hope of your sweet goodbye.
 Your eyes my fall embedded in my mind;
 What hope I have of you by night.

 Carry your grace to all who look on,
 May they be as blessed as I.
 There is one out there who cares
 Who is never satisfied by the distant stare.

 If we may meet again,
 I pray it be truth you seek.
 If you see this heart in me,
 You will see your beauty in me.

Published by Ryan Bowser

Owner and Photographer at Bowser Creatives LLC

5 thoughts on “Poetry – Your Beauty in Me

      1. That is so good that you were willing to do that, Ryan. I get that. Happened to me when I was writing about my experience with my daughter in the hospital last year. But it was therapeutic and healing at the same time. Did you find it so?

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