The Sacred and the Secular

Why? Why do we think that there is some God-given divide between that which is Sacred and that which is Secular in our lives? Did God ever mean for this to be? Were we meant only to worship God in a church? Were we meant to only worship God on sacred holidays? Or is today, yesterday, and forever Jesus’ for the taking? Is our work as deserving of God’s sovereignty and presence as our prayer? The Sacred-Secular Divide must fall. The veil must be torn. Let’s worship the Father with ALL our life from waking to sleeping, from eating to fasting, from work to rest. Let’s lift our voices in the streets as well as in the sanctuary, in the common as well as in the special. Let’s let our whole lives reflect Glory and Honor to the Most High Jesus Christ. The Sacred-Secular Divide must fall that we may glorify Him as sons and daughters with our WHOLE LIVES. Hidden Love for our Savior may as well be an open rebuke. We must submit to His Will with our whole lives! He is worthy of it all! Or did Jesus only die for church time on Sundays and the mealtime prayer? HONOR HIM WITH YOUR WHOLE LIFE. THIS IS THE NARROW WAY. THIS IS THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE. YESHUA, TO YOU BE THE GLORY FOREVER AND EVER. YOU ARE THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA. Amen and Amen.

Published by Ryan Bowser

Owner and Photographer at Bowser Creatives LLC

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