Poetry: Stepping Out on the Water

Haunting Fear
Creeps at the door
Seeps through every crevice
Deep down dark below.

Weighing down
Like a blanket of darkness
Covering every glimmer
Blocking light and glow.

Why must you persist?
Why must you keep knocking?
Darkness, be gone!
I'm done with your haunting.

Circumstances keep coming
Your Love never fails
Faith in Hell?
Faith in Heaven?
The choice, can't you tell?

Faith in Goodness?
Faith in Evil?
Who wins out in the end?
Must we decide...
Do we choose our own destiny?

God works out all things
   For the Good of those who love Him.
Do I trust in Him Almighty?
Or do I trust in my own fleeting understanding?

Does Satan not have the power to fool the doubting mind?
Does not God have the power to flip every expectation?
Who am I to doubt His Goodness?
Who am I to doubt His Plans?
Who am I to question His ways?
Will He not lead me in paths of righteousness?

Boldness to Believe.
Boldness to not give up.
Boldness to step forward in faith.
Boldness to step out on the waters.

Sink or swim?
Wouldn't that be something?
We'll never know as we stand on the shore.
Never to risk for life, we choose death.

Published by Ryan Bowser

Owner and Photographer at Bowser Creatives LLC

One thought on “Poetry: Stepping Out on the Water

  1. I trust in my own fleeting understandingof eternioty is too limited to understand the infinite. I choose to risk fopr the salvation of others. Death will be at God’s calling. I know I serve a risen Savior.


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