Poetry/Psalm/Prayer: Recurring Tide

High Tide
Bright Light
Washes like glowing Ice
Breaking through the constancy of life.

Try to hide
No use in lies
Finding Truth
Only revealed by light

Winter's snow covers
Deep insulting scars
Leaving man to wonder
Left painfully under cover.

Hope in the invisible
Hope in the impossible
Hope in the improbable.

Can something so broken be made new?
Can something so hurt feel good again?
In a world so dark, can light be seen again?
Is there hope yet for me?

Hope that people can be good.
Hope in a world where good is seen as good.
Hope in a world where evil is seen as evil.

Faith alone binds this hope.
Faith alone sees this in Yeshua.
Faith alone knows.
Faith assures His perfect Word.

Relative truth leaves no truth at all.
Lies mixed with good works leaves nothing more than emptiness.
Acceptance of all things leaves ethereal unfoundedness.
Dogmatic self-assurance leaves honesty destitute.

Without faith, there is no good
Or good is something less than good.
With faith, there is absolute good
Helplessly out of reach, like blood moons and shooting stars.

When will it come?
When will it go?
Only in God alone.

So, in faith alone I hope
In faith alone, I know Hashem is good.
Good stands strong in the face of evil
Good stands strong, forever and eternal.

The day is coming where Truth and Good will return.
Truth will be shown for truth.
Hidden lies will be uncovered.
And all will have had their kairos.

Published by Ryan Bowser

Owner and Photographer at Bowser Creatives LLC

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