Poetry: The Night Abyss

Long Last
What am I doing?

Where have I come from?
And where have I gone?
Dim night Horizon.

Drawn up behind a cloak
Too broke to loathe
Too...too..I can't evoke.

Be me
Fall to your knees
What do you feel?

Night sky
Distant cry
Or unreeled?

Be me for a day
Be me for a life
Why, tell me why,
So much suffering.

Dark night repent
Conclude the endless abyss.

Wait long
I imagine the dawn
Break forth, break forth.

Long night be gone
Eyes be opened
Hope remains.

Yet holding nothing...
There must be more than nothing...

Long night be kind
Show me something divine
I wait for dawn
show me more than, more than, abyss.

Published by Ryan Bowser

Owner and Photographer at Bowser Creatives LLC

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